Youtube- Secret

So we know how to rank our youtube videos quickly for a keyword. But what if-

  • Your keyword have 500k+ search results?
  • Every other video which is on 1st page (for your keyword) is having 300k+ video views?
  • You aren't able to outrank these videos even after giving  unlimited credits to it?

There is a cute little secret of youtube that is not known to many people. Remember its just a tricky algorithm that youtube follows to rank a video, and the best part is- this algorithm can be deceived and your video can easily outrank such high quality videos! I don't claim to know the algorithm of the youtube to rank a video, but what i am saying is based on a solid experience with youtube.
I have ranked my videos on 1st page of a keyword of 160k+ search results with these stats-

  • 22k video views
  • 120 subscribers
And the video had 160k+ search results for exact keyword. Not to mention that the niche was overly saturated with very high quality videos. I was able to rank it within 2 week! Every other video near me had over 100k+ video views. So, this is the experience i am talking about.

I will share it soon here. Stay tuned!

Youtube- views

There are several factors that affect the rank of a video. Only giving Heaps of views does not ensure you that the rank will increase. Giving your video- likes, comments, subscribers, favorites is also very important at the same time!
These are the sites that will give you all this for free! I recommend you to visit these sites using the link i give you.
Most of the websites mentioned here will provide you their own youtube bot, that you have to install on your computer.

Remember one thing- You will need tons of credits of each website mentioned below to get some real good high quality views.

Vagex is a site that gives you quality views. The views you receive from vagex are coming from Youtube search results that carry greater importance in terms of views. The usually underdeliver a lot- Usually 1000 credits will give you around 300-500 views.Bit these views are very high quality views. Also, i prefer to buy its guru or other small premium membership that gives free credits as well as time adjusting feature.
Use vagex only to get VIEWS, Switch off the likes, subs, favs, etc properties. You can get these these from other sites mentioned below.
They will provide you their own youtube view bot to watch the videos automatically.

After installing it, follow the steps-

  • Register here
  • Install the bot
  • Earn credits
Vagex : Views


This site is good for comments. I mainly use enhanceviews to get quality custom comments. By custom i mean, you can select what comments you want for your video.

I never use this site for views simply because it takes time to deliver and you can only get like- 300 views at a time, which is useless to get a good rank. Also i don't use it for likes, subscribers or anything.
EnhanceViews is very used and have an high amount of traffic online at any time.
They also have their own youtube view bot to automatically watch the videos. They also have a firefox plugin that does the work of a youtube bot.
They will provide you their own youtube view bot to watch the videos automatically. After installing it, follow the steps-

  • Register here
  • Install the bot
  • Earn credits
Enhanceviews: Custom Comments 


Hitleap is a good site to get views. Most important feature of this site is- you can assign random viewtime to your video. That means you will get a random watch time on your video which will give you good quality views. Remember, Your view quality also depends on this randomness factor!

You can increase Youtube views really fast with Hit Leap system. HitLeap is very reliable if you want fast views on your video or channel.
With hitleap you can also increase your website hits, rankings (alexa, google) and more.

They also has a youtube bot for automatic video watching!
After installing it, follow the steps-

  • Register here
  • Install the bot
  • Earn credits
Hitleap : Views
HitLeap Traffic Exchange


I mainly use websyndic for real quick views. The views to credits ratio is usually good. 1k credits will give like 600-700 views and these will be delivered in real quick time. This can be used to boost your views real quick. Time is an important factor in boosting. Real quick views are necessary to boost the ranking. I will explain this in another tutorial. They don't have any bot, they provide online credit earning support. Follow these steps for websyndic:

  • Register here
  • Earn credits
Websyndic : Views


I use Addmefast  for likes, comments, subscribers. There are many other feature like facebook likes, twitter followers etc. I don't use them particularly. The likes, comments, subscribers are also a deciding factor in rankings. Appropriate amount of likes, comments, subscribers along with views will increase your rankings effectively. Follo these steps:

  • Register here
  • Earn credits
Addmefast : Likes, Comments, Subscribers.


It is similar to addmefast. I use this site for likes, comments, subscribers. There are many other feature like facebook likes, twitter followers etc. I don't use them particularly. Youlikehits provide real likes, comments, subscribers and that too very fast. There is a cheat method in my guide for youlikehits, i will be updating it soon! Follow these steps:

  • Register here
  • Earn credits
Youlikehits: Likes, Comments, Subscribers.


This is again another site to get views and custom comments together. u2bviews is a very good site to get comments and views together. I still have not tested it with views, would soon post the review about the site. They provide a youtube bot for automated view watch.

  • Register an account.
  • Surf and get credits.
  • Place your videos their system, using the credits you got.

U2BVIEWS offers :

  • YouTube views
  • YouTube likes
  • YouTube subscribers
  • YouTube favorites
  • YouTube comments (from a pre-made database, or you can write your own)
  • YouTube comments rate (Likes on comments)

U2bviews: Views, Comments

Youtube- Optimization

Youtube is a great platform to connect with numerous users. You can drive unlimited traffic to your website if you video has some awesome views daily. Millions of users are using youtube to search for their item. This item will be called a niche in this blog.
Niche = The product that a user searches in internet.

Before we start, let me drive your attention to few questions-

  • Ever wondered why some videos have so many views?
  • Ever wondered why your uploaded video has almost nil view-count when you compared it with other videos with same keyword?
  • Why some videos always come 1st in the search result for your keyword, while your video is nowhere found in 10-15 pages of youtube?

You might be thinking it is tough to rank your video in youtube because there are so many videos for your niche. Well, its not that tough actually. With some little effort and SEO, you can rank your video for any keyword you want, in real quick time. Youtube SEO is really easy to do- with no real effort what so ever. The videos that you find ridiculasly highly ranked have actually used a youtube bot to increase their view count. There are many sites that provide you such free youtube views. These views can be given to any of your youtube videos to rank it.

This blog is to explain you these things-
  • How to rank your video using a youtube bot?
  • How to get unlimited views on your video?
  • How to protect your video from getting banned?
The websites that provide these have a free youtube views bot are mentioned in the post here. A youtube view bot means this bot will automatically view the videos for you. You wont be watching your own video, but other videos also.

Let me deal a simple question here-

Why to watch other videos and increase their view count?
Answer is very simple. Well, this youtube bot is installed by many people world wide. So, its a mutual benefit kind of thing. You watch somone else video, someone else watches yours. 
See the benefit here? You video will be watched from all over the world, which will benefit your video greatly. And most importantly, you dont have to do anything special. Just install the youtube bot from respective site, and it will do the work for you!